When imagination meets style, becomes fashion.

When fashion coexist with quality and elegance… becomes moda de la strada.


Our History

Playboy with a steady consistency offers the most elegant and masculine quality in menswear. According to current trends and classic elegance, we can satisfy even the most demanding taste for casual wear, formal look and groom suit.
In our store you will find Italian clothes from the playboy collection and collections of the largest and most respected brands such as Versace Collection, Pal Zileri, Wilvorst Prestige, Lagerfeld, Domenico Tagliente, Carlo Martini and many others.

You will also find suits in different variations and designs, single-lapeled with two button or one, in many combinations of colors, from the finest fabrics, superb stitching and perfect fit, framed by shirts with fine details, selected ties with high aesthetic criteria and all necessary accessories that highlight the unique style of every man, add prestige and cover his every aesthetic and practical requirement.

We are waiting for you to travel together in the world of fashion.